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เครื่องกลึง High Precision Lathe

เครื่องมิลลิ่งMilling Machine
February 21, 2017

เครื่องกลึง High Precision Lathe

High Speed Precision Lathe


Selective bed width: S series: 300mm. M series: 350mm. L series: 400mm.

Varied spindle bore diameters: S series: 58mm / 80mm (Option). M series: 85mm. L series: 85mm / 120mm (Option).

With FAG or SKF precision bearings installed on spindle, maximum cutting depth can be 8mm on 50mm diameter and best roundness 0.003mm (200mm long).

Equipped with plastic rear gears, shafts and gears inside headstock are well protected if crash should occur (S series).

Thermal treated and precision ground alloy gears.

Universal gearbox for both imperial and metric thread-conversion table also attached.

Tracks of cross slide and bed are well lubricated with lubrication pump (manual).

Overload device to ensure safety when operating.

Wear-resistant phosphor bronze lead screw nuts.

Durable reservoir oil bath type cross slide (for S series).

Thermal treated Meehanite bed casting.

One-piece base for high rigidity and low vibration.

High-capacity coolant tank offers sufficient coolant output.

All series certified for CE

V series

Inverter Transmission Lathe